Dance Studio

Denise Buote

General Dance I          General Dance II        General Dance III 

             (Age 5 - 7)                            (Age 7 - 13)                               (Age 13 - 18)

 Basic Dance I & II 

 (Age  3-6)
The fundamentals of basic dance are introduced and the class is designed to develop your child’s natural interest in dance and music. 
The class consists of tap, pre-ballet, baton and tumbling. 

Visitors are not allowed in the classroom on a weekly basis,  but are welcome to view progress on the last lesson before Christmas break.

DRESS CODE:   leotard & tights (any color)
                  tan buckle tap shoes
              pink ballet slippers



                         Ballet is the foundation for all forms of dance.  For recreational and  serious students alike, ballet is an absolute must.     The class includes traditional barre

and centerwork and is designed to build a graceful and healthy body and develop good posture and control.


This class combines the study of rhythm with precision of movement and style. Tap dancing is an excellent way to increase the coordination of the mind and body.


Jazz is offered to those who have taken at least one year of tap and ballet.  The class includes stretching, isolations, barre work and combinations choreographed to contemporary and/ or show tunes.  Jazz is a free moving style of dance and it is recommended to be taken with a more structured form such as ballet.

Black leotard;  tan, white or pink tights
Pink ballet slippers for ballet
Black jazz pants and black oxfords for jazz
Tan buckle tap shoes

~  We also offer   ~

Pointe  & Pre-pointe Class  For those who have met ballet class  requirements and have been  assessed.

Hip Hop  A very energetic form of dance that is unique in that it allows its dancers to perform with freedom of movement,  adding in their own personalities.